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Blacksmiths culinary routes

Do you want to experience real blacksmiths life? Taste real smiths culinary journey?
First we start with welcome drink. Hmm... what could possibly be that?
Looking at the mighty canopy of 200-year-old linden tree, as you learn about more than 100-year-old varieties of apple trees, other trees and herbs, you also discover the interior of the blacksmith shop.
The life of the blacksmith was beautiful but demanding. He had to work hard every day to earn his bread. The old beautiful Slovenian saying reads: "No blacksmith, no tailor". The blacksmith was the only profession that made the tool himself and also for the other professions.

With the narration of the blacksmith's life, and the various stories that happened on our "Kovačija pri kovač", you will be greeted by a real blacksmith's snack (appetizer).
With the story of the blacksmith's life, and our help you will make variety of tasty spreads and learn how to use native and wild herbs.

Did you ever imagine what would you look like in a real blacksmiths gown?
Here we will dress you into a real blacksmith! And with taken picture you will have something to remember for years to come! With our help you will make some souvenir for you to take home.
When blacksmith worked hard, he needed a lot of good local food.
The feast was usually prepared by his wife. You will be the part of this culinary journey, where you will also learn about characteristics of the food in the Pohorje region of sLOVEnia
In the end you will have a sweet surprise, which should remain a mystery for now. We believe, however, that this experience will remain in your eternal memory...

The experience includes:

  • Welcome drink (smiths power (home made spirit), linden soft drink)
  • The narrative and depiction of the old craftsmanship (forging, old tools and equipment)
  • Appetizer (bread, homemade spreads, grimpi - regional delicacy)
  • Blacksmiths feast from under the iron bell (soup, 3-4 types of different meat, potatoes, blacksmith beans and vegetables)
  • Visit from a blacksmith (forging demonstration)
  • Delicious dessert
  • Gift: embossed/emblem on birch board and horseshoe with symbolic saying on birch pedestal

It is also possible to:
  • Spend the night in a real blacksmith's room with prior reservation.
  • Get refreshed with a real Blacksmith's Breakfast.
  • And get to visit our mini zoo.

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